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Morning Meeting #5: Designing the project for faster & higher impact realisation through the Impact Solution Design (afholdt)

FROM PIONEER TO PRACTITIONER: Design your project for faster and higher impact realisation with the Impact Solution Design.

Our ambition for phase 2 of Project Half Double is to diffuse the methodology across Denmark. That we in the near future can see Half Double practitioners across the country who are able and eager to work with the methodology in their own practice.

The first out of this year’s three morning meetings is for that reason dedicated to accelerate our ability to implement the Half Double methodology in practice. We take a deep dive into selected elements of the methodology, apply hands-on casework and facilitate sparring across the community. All to inspire and enable you to create true impact yourself out there.

We have an exciting programme:

We initiate the new series of morning meetings by focusing on how to design your project to deliver impact as soon as possible. A method translated into practice through the tool: The Impact Solution Design. A crucial step on the way to realising the ambition of delivering projects in half the time with double the impact. You will get an in-depth understanding of the tool, practise it on your own case and share insights across the group.

Then we tap into the next key topic of the day; the aspiration of enabling us to go from being pioneers to becoming true practitioners within the community. A journey dependent on your commitment and will to inspire each other.

Last, but definitely not least, we introduce the new exciting element of the morning meetings going forward: The sparring sessions. This is where you get the opportunity to team up across the community and reflect and discuss questions, new ideas and experiences from your own projects – together with the Half Double core team. All with the intention of utilising the vast body of knowledge that we have within the group. And of course, to strengthen our network of relations.

All in all – we can’t wait to finally see you all again!

Best regards,

The Half Double core team

  • 08 nov.

    Morning Meeting #5: Designing the project for faster & higher impact realisation through the Impact Solution Design (afholdt)

    Come and be inspired by the Half Double methodology, and inspire us and each other in regards to how the focus areas, principles and tools can be translated into unique. local contexts.


    Implement Consulting Group Strandvejen 56 2900 Hellerup


    Fra kl. 08:00 Til kl. 14:00
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