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Half Double Practitioner training #1 (afholdt)

Are you ready to ignite your training to become a true Half Double practitioner?

Have you found yourself questioning how one can really create double the impact in projects in half the time? And have you reflected upon how amazing it would be if you were able to do the same in your own projects? Well, this
is your chance!

On 30 November 2016, we initiate the first training programme for our community. A training programme set out to enable you to create double the impact in half the time with the Half Double methodology in your own projects. In order to spice things up and make it as practice-oriented as possible, the session will be both team-based and case-based. This means that you will “get your hands dirty” together with inspiring people right from the start.

Read more and see the overall programme by clicking here. 

As of now, we have room for four more teams.

What does it take?

1. You read up on the methodology before we meet (not to worry, we will send you the needed pre-reads as soon as your team is registered).

2.You participate in two 1-day sessions. The first session “Ignite” takes place on 30 November 2016. The second session “The Masterclass” takes place on 9 March 2017.

3. In-between the two sessions, you work on implementing your selected “next step actions” on your own project.

What are your next steps to join?

1.Team up with 1 to 5 of your colleagues and sign up

2. Identify one project you would like to realise with double the impact in half the time. In other words, the case you will be working on this day.

3. A representative from the team sends an email to, briefly stating what organisation you represent, the colleagues you sign
up with as well as the name of the project you will be working on. The headline of the email should be “Team registration: Half Double practitioner training”.

4. Pre-read material and more information will be sent out as soon as you have signed up.

5. (Already signed up? Great! Identify the teams you will be working in and follow steps 2-4. If you signed up alone, please find someone from your organisation to partner up with).

We’re so excited to see you!

Best regards,

The Half Double core team

  • 30 nov.

    Half Double Practitioner training #1 (afholdt)

    Initiate your Half Double journey through this accelerated training effort set out to help you realise projects in half the time with double the impact. In other words, become a true Half Double practitioner.


    Strandvejen 56, 2900 Hellerup


    Fra kl. 09:00 Til kl. 17:00
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