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Morning meeting #11: You have never been more important as a project leader! (afholdt)

This morning meeting is dedicated to your project leader role. In the Half Double methodology, we have the following principles of leadership: We want an Active Ownership, a Collaborative Leadership and a Reflective and Adaptive Mindset. At this morning meeting we focus on what you can do as a project manager to develop your personal leadership and help your project owner.

On October 27 we meet John Ryding Olsson, who is the lead author of the best-selling Danish project management book: "Power i projekter og portefølje". He has just published the book: Projektlederskab – effekt til tiden, which is the first Danish project management book that focuses exclusively on leadership - project leadership. John has been a partner in Implement Consulting Group for 20 years and is the lead author of the Half Double book published later this year.

We have an exciting programme lined up for you, where you can look forward to deep-dive into three inspiring topics.

1.   We have never been more educated as project managers, but the impact is missing?

2.   Reflective leadership requires you to have your own personal leadership model

3.   An active project owner is crucial to succes. How do you lead upwards?

Detailed programme

08.30 Networking and breakfast

09.00 Welcome and purpose

09.10 You have never been more important as a project leader – by John Ryding Olsson

09.55 Work session on project leadership - start developing your personal leadership model

10.25 Break

10.40 Help your project owner - leading upwards

11.00 Dilemmas in your leading upwards

11.30 Lunch & networking

12.15 Sparring sessions!

A session facilitated by the Half Double core team where you get the opportunity to share questions, new ideas and experiences across the community.

14.00 Thank you and goodbye for now

We can’t wait to see you all again!

Best regards,

The Half Double core team

  • 27 okt.

    Morning meeting #11: You have never been more important as a project leader! (afholdt)

    Dive into the Half Double element: Leadership and explore what it takes to become an collaborative leader.


    Implement Consulting Group Strandvejen 54 2900 Hellerup


    Fra kl. 08:30 Til kl. 14:00
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