The methodology

Our challenge is essentially to conceptualise a project management methodology through research and collection of best-practice approaches. A project management approach based in actual human behaviour, unpredictability and complexity rather than assumptions of rationality and predictability.

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The methodology

The Half Double Methodology

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With the introduction of Project Half Double, we are not rejecting the classic view of project management, but building upon it and adapting it where it is most needed in relation to each project. We must acknowledge that times have changed; the external environment is becoming more and more turbulent, performance requirements are rising and there is an increasing need to accept chaos as a fundamental premise.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

With the Project Half Double approach, it is impact creation throughout the lifetime of a project (Impact) that is the primary area of focus, rather than the project deliverables. We inject energy and transparency into a project's movement (Flow) and break down the formalism embedded in project structures by promoting the management of people in favour of systems (Leadership).

The vision for Project Half Double

Know the feeling?

Have you ever contributed to a project - day after day - and still felt like it was not really going anywhere? It feels like the whole thing has ground to a halt. Everything is bogged down by meetings, coordination, reporting and low morale. In other words, a project where little of value is really being done or created any longer.

There is a need for new innovative thinking in terms of the way we implement and manage our projects. A paradigm shift is required - a new and radical project management methodology that can result in projects achieving double the impact in half the time.

The vision of Project Half Double is precisely to conceptualise and demonstrate this new and radical methodology, after which it will have a ripple effect - from person to person, project to project, organisation to organisation and, ultimately, all of Denmark. If we succeed in this, we can increase the impact of development and innovation work across the entire country, and in a few years’ time, this would even have a positive effect on Denmark’s GDP!

We cannot succeed without this methodology. That is why we have concentrated all our intellect and energy into formulating, testing and conceptualising a methodology that makes a difference. A difference for Denmark! 

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