Pilot projects

Learn more about how we create a ripple effect and how we work with the Project Half Double methodology in practice.

We are looking for new pilot project partners – maybe your project can be supported with DKK 500,000?


Pilot projects

Pilot projects

By Fall 2017, we will have trialled the methodology in 17 different pilot projects.

Read more about each project and our focus areas by clicking the topic headers below.

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At Project Half Double, we regularly enter into agreements with new pilot project partners, which opens up opportunities and benefits for both parties. The benefits and criteria for becoming a pilot project partner can be found below.

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What do you get from being a pilot project partner?

Criteria for pilot project partners ("rules of thumb" that will be adjusted to the characteristics and needs of your project):

The primary target group is pilot projects in industrial companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. However, we would like to hear from you even if you are a larger company.

Pilot Project: FoodService Denmark

Realizing potential in the Catering Engross warehouse in West

The project in short

The big why

FoodService Danmark is one of the largest wholesalers of foodservices in Denmark, delivering food to professional kitchens from Bornholm to Skagen.

In a high-competitive market, the company has its edge in delivering high service and quality levels. An analysis of FoodService Danmark in early 2017 identified potential for further efficiency gains at the Catering Engros ware-houses. The warehouse in West was chosen as a pilot, as this terminal had been working with Lean and wanted to improve further.

The project “New Eyes” was initiated to re-think the existing warehouse concept and to design and implement solutions that support more flexible, robust and efficient processes. Eliminating re-work and waste in the picking process has enabled the warehouse to meet its customers’ high demands in a more cost-effective manner.

Half Double

The service degree for the warehouse of FoodService Danmark has been at a very high level (~99%). However, this service level came at a high cost. Having identified a significant potential for cost-reduction, it has been appealing for FoodService Danmark to realize those benefits as fast as possible without jeopardizing the great service level. Therefore, FoodService Danmark chose to use the Half Double methodology in the project.

“We could feel the effect of the project’s pilot immediately, and our tours can now be completed considerably earlier than before.” Distribution Manager

The pilot project in FoodService Denmark is characterized as a process efficiency project.

What did we do?


  • Co-creation of the impact case has led to clear objectives and leading KPIs
  • Mini pulse checks by the end of workshops, have spurred a fruitful dialogue and ensured alignment amongst key stakeholders
  • Weekly dialogues and pulse checks with the project owner has enabled the project to tackle potential issues upfront

  • Weekly status meetings with project owner / project team, and bi-weekly touch-points with the steering group
  • Co-location of the core team in a dedicated, open project room, with dynamic project visuals to constantly share and get input on the project’s solutions
  • Heavy emphasis on creating co-ownership with warehouse employees and local translation of the methodology to ensure commitment of all stakeholders
  • Project owner and sponsor have been actively involved throughout the project
  • High degree of involvement of all key stakeholders in designing the solutions and realizing impact

Project Visuals

The results so far

Work in progress: Results expected by the end of November 2017
Work in progress: Results expected by the end of November 2017
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