Pilot Project

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Developing new ways of working with digital sales and reducing time to market dramatically.


Pilot projects

Pilot project: GN Audio

Quality is this year & ownership means commitment.

The project in short

The big why

Since the introduction of online sales channels, one of GN Audio’s challenges has been stagnating launches due to heavy after work to correct errors from previous launches. This ties up resources that could have been utilized elsewhere to perfect existing channels and develop new channels.

Half Double

By launching a test market place through the application of the Half Double methodology, GN Audio set out to reduce its project lead time and time to market dramatically. In other words, the aim of the project was to outline how future online sales via multiple channels should take place, with each channel addressing different market places across geographies.

The pilot project at GN Audio is categorized as a sales/IT project and is about developing new ways of working with digital sales.

What did we do?

  • 5 success criteria broken down into Impact KPI’s
  • Team Pulse Checks with key stakeholders and team (each Friday and after each sprint)
  • We reduce time to impact from 9 months to 3-6 months from start to market launch
  • Implement days (working days): Tuesdays and Fridays (Project Team)
  • Stakeholder days: Bi-weekly Tuesdays (review team)
  • STEERCO: Monthly (1st week of the month)
  • Project is executed in 2-3 weeks sprints with specific sprint deliverables
  • Project owner deeply integrated. Participates in all sprint meetings
  • Leadership goes beyond the project managers
  • High degree of involvement of all team members in planning and executing sprints
  • Project war room established to support co-location and cross functional collaboration

Project Visuals


Time to impact reduced by 66% (pilot markets)
Price and inventory accuracy increased from 75% to 99%
Quality in channel data increased from 50% to 99%

Facts and numbers

The team pulse check is a questionnaire, which we send out monthly to the project core team to measure and document the effect of the methodology. Furthermore, it is used to make the necessary adjustments to ensure energising working conditions, collaboration and making people feel that they develop personally while contributing to the project. The infographic below displays the results from the previous month. The score ranges from 1 (to a low degree) to 5 (to a high degree).

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