Pilot project

Hydratech Industries

An extreme focus on flow and leadership to transfer production site across Europe.


Pilot projects

Pilot Project: Hydratech Industries

The pilot project is characterised as an assembly production transfer project. The purpose of the project was to move the assembly facility from Silkeborg to a new site in the Czech Republic (CZ) thereby reducing costs in the assembly production.

The core challenge was identified as ensuring that operational performance control was retained while transferring the complete assembly operations from Silkeborg to a new manufacturing site in CZ as quickly as possible.

The project was initiated in March 2018 when the new manufacturing site was found in CZ and the initial contract was under way.

Local Implementation

The three core elements of the HDM: Impact, Flow and Leadership were specifically tailored to fit the project and the Hydratech Industries organisation and was executed through the following initiatives.

Impact case: The impact case was refined through an initial workshop with the core project team and the project sponsor. The targets from the project’s business case were integrated into the impact case as success criteria in the objective hierarchy.

Impact solution design: The tool was modified slightly to include an introduction to the required analysis of the as-is state of the assembly facility followed by a three-week work period to gather data and create a documented analysis of the facility. The remaining workshops were kept and used for in-depth discussions about possible transfer scenarios. The conclusion of the workshops was a core idea focused on identifying which modules should be transferred first and how the transfer could be approached in steps to create value while retaining a high quality level in production.

Pulse checks: Pulse checks were only used after the initial workshops as a mini pulse check done with post-its on a poster. The mini pulse checks reflected a strong belief in the approach and high engagement in the project.

Co-location: The idea of collocating the core team was introduced during the Impact solution design process. The team decided not to setup a co-location room for the project as most of the work took place on the production floor and at the new location, which was constructed in the course of the project.

Fixed rhythm in key events: The fixed key meetings included a two-hour Sprint Planning meeting once per sprint, bi-weekly 45-minute Plan Next meetings, a monthly one-hour Project Owner meeting as well as a monthly one-hour Demo Session and a 30-minute Sprint Retrospective meeting. The project owner participated in the Project Owner Meeting and the Demo Session. At the Demo Session, relevant key stakeholders could be invited depending on the topic of the sprint.

Visualisation and visual planning: We used the principles of visual planning in the meetings, and Sprint plans were co-created on a poster using post-its written by the core team; they were placed in the corresponding weeks. The whole plan was discussed and agreed upon at the end of the meeting in order to assure cross-team collaboration and understanding. Due to the flexible co-location space, the Sprint plan was positioned in the project manager’s office during the week and brought into meeting rooms when the whole team convened for the key events.

Collaborative project leadership: The project was led by the Danish factory floor manager as he had the relevant knowledge about which processes and modules were crucial for making a successful transfer. The project leader actively engaged stakeholders and experts in the project to ensure buy in and detailed coordination of the transfer. The core team quickly engaged with Half Double tools and incorporated them into the weekly/bi-weekly project flow.

Active ownership: The Chief Operating Officer (COO) took active ownership of the project from the start and engaged strongly in the formulation of the impact case, the impact solution design and the plan. However, he left the company during project execution, so the project leader and the core team took over the project aligning it with the CFO along the way.

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