Pilot project


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Pilot projects

Pilot Project: Linak

The pilot project was initiated in response to the learnings from five earlier automation projects where the production capacity was added to the current semi-automated production cells by including fully automated cells based on robots. These projects were regarded as a success in terms of meeting the production targets and quality required, but the duration of the projects was too long, and the costs rose from project to project due to increased complexity and higher requirements. The scope of the project was defined as the specification, design, sourcing, installation and commissioning of a robot-based automated production cell that could triple the current production capacity. The project was initiated by the head of the DESKLINE division, and the DESKLINE Operations Manager was appointed Project Owner. The project manager was selected because he had completed automation projects before and had experience working with the supplier in question, who had delivered most of recent automation projects, and a key element to working with in the pilot project was the supplier relationship that was rated as good but not necessarily efficient.

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