Pilot project

Novo Nordisk

Agile approach to enhancement of IT with a strong focus on reduction of time to impact, involving end users and on the prioritization of critical project resources


Pilot projects

Pilot project: Novo Nordisk

An extreme focus on reducing time to impact, involving end users and on the prioritization of critical project resources.

The project in short

The big why

When Novo Nordisk decides to change a production location or to use a more cost-efficient production method, health authorities in each relevant country must approve these decisions. As a result, Novo Nordisk is required to plan and produce different variants of the same product (Stock Keeping Unit) depending on the country-specific health authority approvals.

The former IT solution supporting this were cumbersome and complex resulting in sub-optimal processing while requiring constant monitoring to ensure integrity.

The pilot project were an IT enhancement project with the purpose of creating a more stable and flexible variant planning solution incorporating future business requirements.

Half Double

The collaboration with Half Double was initiated because:

  • The IT PMO wanted to try an agile project methodology
  • It was suitable for the specific project: - Heavy involvement of line of business – more specifically – customer involvement was key - The project owner wanted a faster lead-time.
  • Go-live was planned for February 2017
The pilot project was categorized as an IT enhancement project

What did we do?

  • Impact case with strong KPIs to navigate the project
  • Impact solution design to realise impact faster
  • Pulse of the project: Create stakeholder satisfaction with 3 main groups
  • Learn and compare with reference projects from ITC PMO
  • Multi-skilled core team with core users was collocated 60% of the week
  • Visual leadership of plans and solutions
  • Fixed project pace through compressed sprints
  • Active project owner that engaged with project team biweekly
  • Project manager coaching sessions to leverage leadership, reflected adaptation of the methodology and pure stamina
  • Finding common ground between the Novo Nordisk IT Governance model which is a classic stage-gate model and the Half Double project approach in the pilot project

Project Visuals


Time to impact reduced 47 % - Go Live from February 2017 to June 2016
User impact: Reduction of number of hours spent on firefighting per week
Average Pulse Check score of 4,3 on a 1-5 scale (core team)

Facts and numbers

The team pulse check is a questionnaire, which we send out monthly to the project core team to measure and document the effect of the methodology. Furthermore, it is used to make the necessary adjustments to ensure energising working conditions, collaboration and making people feel that they develop personally while contributing to the project. The infographic below displays the average pulse check score throughout the project. The score ranges from 1 (to a low degree) to 5 (to a high degree).

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