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Pilot projects

Novozymes: The project in short

The pilot project

Food Platform, is characterized as an innovation and product development project; it was initiated by the New Business Development, Incubation and Acquisitions (NBD I&A) team.

The NBD I&A team is focused on accelerating execution and growth on innovation projects in new industries and/or technologies in Novozymes by focusing on three core functions: to explore growth opportunities and emerging trends, to acquire new businesses, and to build future divisions and businesses. Through these core functions, NBD I&A work to strengthen and catalyse growth in existing projects, while identifying and developing new businesses and growth opportunities. The team works with a broad diversity of stakeholders both across the company and externally, to identify and integrate the best research, talent and ideas into the product and business development processes.

The Food platform project is a new product development project set into motion to develop new microbial solutions for the food industry. It began in the summer of 2016, as part of a scouting exercise, and has since grown to encompass a fully dedicated core team, while engaging a diversity of stakeholders from across Novozymes. The project core team focused on developing two Minimum Viable Products (MVP’s) within two distinct product categories before the end of 2017.

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