An extreme focus on reducing time to impact and on involving key stakeholders.


Pilot projects

Video of the SAS Ground Handling Pilot Project

Pilot project: SAS

A commitment to improving the customer experience.

The project in short

The big why

SAS Ground Handling has already created significant impact by reducing the number of delayed transfer bags from 20 per 1,000 in 2014 to 12 per 1,000 in 2016. In order to further improve customer satisfaction, SAS Ground Handling aimed to achieve a ratio of 8 per 1,000 bags. With the decreasing prices of commercial air traffic, resulting in a boom of passengers, SAS Ground Handling faced issues of capacity limitations due to the infrastructure of Copenhagen Airport. In addition, SAS Ground Handling was challenged by deviations from standard procedures, caused by irregularities such as faulty equipment, lack of equipment and resource volatility. In order to achieve the objective, SAS Ground Handling had to re-think its current operations, and find improvements in its already established and improved processes.

Half Double

The target for 2017 was to reduce the number of delayed transfer bags even more to 8 per 1,000, which was to be achieved using the Half Double methodology. A further reason for using the methodology was that the target had to be achieved fast, before peak season start in June.

“In all my +20 years with SAS Ground Handling, I have never truly believed in a project – until now.” - Project participant

What did we do?

  • Impact case with clearly defined objectives and supporting KPIs
  • Pulse checks at every workshop to ensure alignment of key stakeholders
  • Use of Minimum Viable Product thinking when testing hypotheses to create a fast path to impact
  • Weekly project management meetings, weekly work stream meetings and monthly steering group meeting installed
  • Co-location of the core team in a dedicated project war room
  • Fixed working days every week
  • Heavy emphasis on creating co-ownership to ensure commitment of all stakeholders
  • Project owner involved in all major priorities and decisions
  • High degree of involvement of all team members in planning and executing sprints

Project Visuals


Reduction of number of delayed transfer bags with 20% in only 2 months
Transformation of the project culture in SAS Ground Handling
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