Pilot project

Siemens Wind Power

Reduction of time to impact, active involvement of the project owner and increasing energy are some of the keywords describing the Project Half Double effort at Siemens Wind Power and the visionary project SWT-3.3-130.


Pilot projects

Pilot Project: Siemens Wind Power

Reduction of time to impact, active involvement of the project owner and increasing energy.

The project in short

The big why

The project was initiated for the purpose of introducing an innovative onshore wind turbine able to produce 19% more energy compared to past models.

Half Double

For every month the project could potentially be delayed, revenue would severely decrease as the wind turbine market is based on “windows of opportunity” within fixed time - frames. Thus, the overall goal of the Half Double effort in the pilot project was to:

  • Ensure the critical milestone – upheld the set release date of the 0-series in March 2016
  • Reduce time to impact so as to release potential value in the project as soon as possible

The pilot project at Siemens Wind Power was characterized as a product development project

What did we do?

  • Reduce time to impact: Map and align PDP and PLM processes
  • Pulse of the project: Create stakeholder satisfaction
  • Focus on time to total ramp up compared to similar project
  • Reorganize to smaller and cross-organizational teams.
  • Elaborate current tact in the project to include new team and active project owner.
  • Intense work sessions on cross-organizational deliverables.
  • Active project owner to engage with project team biweekly.
  • Leverage project manager role to include platform level (Morten to report cross the whole platform).
  • Engage people in the project.
  • Energized meeting and sense of purpose.

Project Visuals


Lead time from “prototype ready” to “series production ready” maintained (usually delayed).
Contract of 100+ turbines won – due to commercial deliverables being in place on time.
Awarded “Turbine of the Year”.

Facts and numbers

The team pulse check is a questionnaire which we send out once a month to the project team and key stakeholders to measure and document the effect of the methodology. Furthermore, it is to make the necessary adjustments to ensure energizing working conditions, collaboration and making people feel that they develop personally while contributing to the project. The infographic below displays some of the results from the previous month. At Siemens Wind Power, the score ranges from 1 (disagree) to 4 (agree).

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