Pilot project


An extreme focus on designing and executing projects for faster impact and on anchoring new project behaviours in practice. Simultaneously.


Pilot projects

Pilot project: VELUX

An extreme focus on designing and executing projects for faster impact and on anchoring new project behaviours in practice. Simultaneously.

The project in short

The big why

The project was introduced with the specific intent of accelerating efforts set to reduce time to impact in projects and realize benefits faster.

Half Double

The focus was mainly on changing the behavior of the project owners, project leaders, and selected internal PMO consultants so they could help to ensure that each project was initiated with the impact solution design process. In addition, each project produced an insightful roadmap displaying the project’s impact realization journey before jumping into execution. This bottom-up approach both supplemented and stood in contrast to the previous top-down, report-driven approach.

The project was characterized as an organizational change project set into motion to ensure early benefit realization in all projects in the portfolio

What did we do?

  • Design the project for faster impact and effectiveness in execution
  • Drive organisational change through pilot project experiments and capture learnings for further scaling
  • Engage and create stakeholder satisfaction using biweekly (mini) Pulse Checks
  • Establish a fixed project heartbeat
  • Ensure heavy allocation in start-up phase, gathering key stakeholders early before the team is set for execution
  • Apply visual leadership of plans, tools and solutions
  • Actively involve the project owner and ensure that (s)he shows up, disrupts thinking, owns impact and puts trust before control – on a weekly basis
  • Anchor behavioural change and create project architects who can design projects for faster impact realisation
  • Mobilise the right mindset and commitment to impact by broad involvement of key stakeholders – early!

Project Visuals


Time to impact reduced from 12 months to 5 months
Higher engagement and awareness within the organization due to higher involvement.
Average pulse score 4.25

Facts and numbers

The team pulse check is a questionnaire which we send out biweekly to the project team and key stakeholders to measure and document the effect of the methodology. Furthermore, to make the necessary adjustments to ensure energising working conditions, collaboration and making people feel that they develop personally while contributing to the project. The infographic below displays the results from the previous month. VELUX A/S, the score ranges from 1 (to a low degree) to 5 (to a high degree).

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