Project Half Double

We are on a journey to conceptualize a new project management methodology through research and the collection of best practice methods. Furthermore, to experiment with the methodology on selected real life projects and gather learnings, and in the process engage a leading community of project practitioners.


Project Half Double

About Project Half Double

Project management has not been the subject of radical development or thorough optimisation for some 40 years, even though it is clear that the potential is enormous. It has already been proven that there are methodologies that can reduce lead time and increase value creation of each project by 30% or more.

The purpose of Project Half Double is to improve Danish industrial competitiveness by RADICALLY increasing the accuracy, pace and impact of the development and innovation activities carried out within the framework of projects.

Project Half Double kick-off

17 June 2015

Watch the film to learn more about our ambition and how we work

Learn more about how we work

Wednesday 17 June 2015 was the kick-off date for Project Half Double.

The day was characterised by lots of energy, discussions about methodologies and pilot projects and a large variety of valuable input concerning how to ensure the best possible start for the project.

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