Project Half Double

Project Half Double was initiated with a clear mission. We were to succeed in finding a project methodology that could increase the success rate of projects while increasing the speed at which we develop new products and services. We were convinced that we by doing so can strengthen Denmark's competitiveness and play an important role in the battle for jobs and future welfare.


Welcome to Project Half Double

Learn more about our vision, work areas and approach by clicking on the topic headers below.

In 2020 Project Half Double became the Half Double Institute. 

See the Half Double Institute here.

Project Half Double news and events

In Project Half Double, we are always learning more about new approaches to projects and project management. We also arrange regular presentations, seminars and conferences which include the best and brightest minds in the field of project management.

Stay up to date by checking our newsfeed regularly and by signing up for our next event. We update our website regularly with current news and upcoming events.

Get a sneak peak of the SAS Ground Handling pilot project

For the full video, visit our SAS Ground Handling pilot project page here: SAS Ground Handling

What does the Beatles and Project Half Double have in common?

Get a look into our take on the answer by watching the ImplemenTED talk to the left. Here, Project Half Double’s project leader, Michael Ehlers, elaborates on the story behind Project Half Double, our aspiration with the movement, and how we lead projects in half the time with double impact.

The community

We are a community of professionals in the field of project management with a passion for what we do. Together, we are aiming to develop methods that allow projects to be completed in half the time while achieving double the impact.


Do you share our passion for project management?

We would like to share our work and thoughts with even more skilled professionals. As a member of the Project Half Double network, you will receive updates about the project, relevant articles and tips on how to introduce the approach to your own organisation. You will also be invited to exciting events where we work towards fulfilling the vision of boosting Danish competitiveness by developing and implementing a new, radical approach to project management.

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